How many people love LisaBoo ;)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Well, this is it guys... :'(

This is my last day of freedom for a while. I gotta report back to jail, tomorrow. This break went by too fast. I actually wanna cry. That means I'm gonna be going ghost again, and barely posting on the forums and on here. But the good news is this is gonna be my last few months in school (well, high school). Once I'm done, I'm gonna be harassing you guys again with my random thoughts, weirdness, and crazy opinions. ^.^

-So don't think of this as a farewell post. Think of this as you have 4 months and 19 days to live in peace. Because this world's gonna get weird once I take over.
(I'm LisaBooThaWeirdo, and I approve this message)

*fade to black screen*


  1. I'm definitely with you! School is taking a toll on my blogginess :S

  2. awww, don't fret mi amigo. we'll be back to blogging and hopefully lurking on the forums once we get done with school :D

    -btw i miss you :)