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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Check in! ^.^

'Ello loves! xD [y'all are probably thinking "fail"]

Hola mis amigos! It's been a little while since I checked in. School is monster right now, but I'm chill yo. My nursing class is more complex than I thought it would be (btw, I changed my career preference. I want to be a Registered nurse now). By the end of this semester I will be a Certified Nurse's Assistant, and I'm not even in college yet (awesomesauce!!!). So how's my fellow weirdos? Bombard me with comments...



  1. There are a lot of girls at my school who are doing that nurse thing too. Good for you Lisa!

    I'm ok. I've decided to go back to lurking on the forums!

  2. Yay!!!
    I need to be lurking, but I'm exhausted. Extreme roller skating is murder