How many people love LisaBoo ;)

Monday, January 3, 2011


So... this is what happens when a person decides to show their dislike for a simmer using sarcasm. Unfortunately it ended it a big ol' epic fail. Yet she continues to make it seem like she's "friends" with Simsgal. won't be long before the Mare's Nest gets to this story :/

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WAKE THE F%*# UP MODS!!!! Like seriously! Are y'all so hungover from the New Years' party, you forgot that you have JOBS?!?! Whenever Y'all decide to come back, there's gonna be so much chaos you're not gonna be able to handle it!


  1. LOL I love the first sentance of the 2nd paragraph. I do agree though, she needs to grow up >.>

    Ive seen 5 posts about her so far btw lol.

  2. LOL when the weirdness calls, It takes control of me ^.^

    But she's not alone when it comes to the trolls who are full of fail -_-