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Friday, August 27, 2010

*sigh* I'm tired of it already

Ok so as you may (or may not) have noticed I've been ghost on the forums for the past 3 weeks. Every day I'm coming home and collapsing on my bed. School has officially sucked the weirdness out of me. All I do is come home, sleep, do my homework, and go back to sleep. I miss lurking on the forums. I'll try to pop in some point this weekend. I'm pretty sure I missed out on some gossip.But on a little side note (don't kill me), that Justin Bieber song Somebody to Love is effin awesome, yo. That and Baby are pretty much the only songs I like by him so far (random much?) XD

Hang in there guys, I'll hopefully get back to lurking soon. I'm trying to get my weirdness back since school, and not being able to be with my boyfriend right now are sucking the life out of me.

*drops mic and moonwalks offstage*

Monday, August 9, 2010

Go ahead and put me in an insane asylum! >.< * headesk*

Omg, today was my first day of school and I'm already ready to go insane. I've got no one to talk to in my classes (everyone is either stuck up, hermits, or borderline suicidal), no one's got lunch with me, and my teachers are complete nut cases!(that's nothing new) It's gonna be extra difficult to make it through this month because the one person I love,I can't even talk to (curse you army!taking my husband away from me!!!:( XD).To make things even worse, I don't get home until almost 4:00 when last year I got home before 3.I'm stressed out already.1 day down and 179 school days to go.Don't be suprised if you see my username pop up on one of the forum topics.I'm gonna need to talk to my fellow weirdos on the forums.(I'm sorry I forgot your name Jake. You gotta keep my weirdness alive too :D) Dear God, this is gonna be one hell of a school year.

*cackles deliriously*

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My class schedule

Ok so I had to go register for school (I'm an effin senior, yo! :D) and so far, two of my classes need changing (bad).

First semester:
Human Physiology (Human Anatomy)
Emergency & Disaster Prep (nursing class)
Algebra 2

Second semester:
Algebra 3
British Lit/Comp
Intro. to Interior Design

I freakin' hate Algebra(I don't even need to take it) and I'm gonna try to get out of it as soon as possible. Other than the the two sucky math classes I love my schedule. I might replace my two math classes with Child Developement and Art. I love kids (and want kids of my own someday) and I like to draw (even though I totally suck XD).I start school Monday (booooo!!!) so I probably won't be lurking on the forums as much now. I'll have to be taking my SATs, ACTs, applying for scholarships, checking out different colleges, and I'll be loaded down with homework. :(

*and a little side note I thought I'd add this picture of me and my boyfriend. He's leaving for basic training tomorrow.I'm gonna miss him so much :(
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Te Amo Matt. Tu eres mi corazon <3