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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Somewhat of a random simming observation

I really need to delete some of the CC on my computer. I still have CC installed from ts2, and I uninstalled that a long time ago when I got ts3. While I'm at it, I need to get rid of some cruddy sims 3 CC. I'm surprised my computer hasn't been running slow. I'm guilty of going on what I like to call "CC shopping sprees". You've heard of "shop 'til you drop", well I download until my eyes close (failed humor).



  1. I do that too, and now it take roughly ten minutes for a game file to load! I started a clean out before, but I ended up screwing the whole thing xD I spent an entire evening on clearing out cc and... I never did finish.
    You have now inspired me to reopen the doors to cleaning out my cc. Alright, I'm off to open ALL of my bookmarked CC and root out the ugly/glitchy pieces!
    And that's just .package... My launcher is a completely separate story xP

  2. OK ladies, the Tech Guy is here to help. Get ye to and click the Downloads tab. There, you will look under the Top Ten Downloads and look for Advanced System Care. It's FREE and it does so much more than just clean up some parts of your PC. Once you've downloaded it, I'd do the Maintain Windows tab, let it scan and repair, then do the Diagnose System, but UNcheck the Defrag option (3rd one down, out of 4). Let that run and repair as well. This will speed up your system, recover some lost disk space as well. 2 more things in the Utilities tab that you might want. Game Booster (under Tuneup) and Cloned Files Finder (under Admin Tools). Game Booster is a download that will stop any non-game related processes running while you play online, and restore them when you're done. Cloned File Finder finds any files you have multiple copies of (like 5 of the same SIM file or somesuch.) Let me know if you need any further help, I'd be more than happy to assist.

  3. I just CC shopped the other day, it felt so right :P