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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I really need your help guys

I've truly been on edge for the past 24 hours. Yesterday after school, my ex texted me out of the blue apologizing for all of the crap he did to me during, and after our relationship (need I remind you he's never apologized in person. Just on Facebook, and through texts). He's done this a few times after we broke up, as well. Now he's seen me out with some mutual friends and a new male counterpart (whom I'm not with yet) having fun. And he's supposedly "engaged" remember? Yet, he watches me like a tv when he sees me on Saturdays when we go skating. When I got that text, my head started hurting like crazy ! I've had this nonstop migraine for the past 24 hours. I didn't even reply to the text because I didn't need his girl buggin' out because she thought I was trying to steal him from her. Help me out my fellow weirdos 'cuz this migraine is killin' me. What should I do? Should I confront him? Or let it go...?


  1. Ignore him. Or, if you must confront him on it, make sure to remind him that he's engaged and you're no longer interested in a relationship.

    I'd actually threaten to tell his woman about the whole thing. If he continues to bug you, then I'd start threatening a restraining order. It's creepy enough that he's watching you so intently.

    This guy sounds like he refuses to think things through before making a decision, like the whole breaking up with you thing.

  2. Yeah, He just thinks on impulse then regrets ther decision later. I might have to confront him today because it's gotten completely out of hand.