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Thursday, December 9, 2010

one more weeeeek.! :o

I got one more week until Christmas break. This semester totally flew by! Only one more semester left, then I'm completely done with high school. I can't wait to relax and get back to my usual lurking on the forums. Last time I checked, there were NO familiar faces on the forums :/. I'm totally considering getting Late Night for Christmas, yo. My simself has been dormant a little TOO LONG. But enough about me. What's going on with my fellow simmers. How's your classes for those who are still in school?


  1. Hey Lisa! It's been a while :S
    I have one more semester left after January, well there's only two... but that's not the point :P

    Then i'll never have to go to high school again!!!!... but then there's college >.<

    But anyway, how've you been? I miss the old forum days with you and all the others that seem to have disappeared :S

  2. I've been good. I'm ready for my seriously needed vacation. It seems like graduation is quickly approaching. But I can't wait for the college life. :D

    But I miss the old forum days too. :(
    Everytime I log in, nobody familiar to me seems to be on. :/

  3. I always need a vacation. Any idea where you might be going?

    And that is exactly why i'm never on for more than 3 minutes. Tis sad really :'S
    *Plays sad song and sways back and forth while tearing up*