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Friday, December 31, 2010

Everyone's losing it!

Apparently Grant Rodiek is leaving (or has left) the Sims franchise and now everyone thinks this is the end of the sims as we know it. NO! Just because ONE person leaves doesn't mean the entire industry is destroyed. Calm down people. All EA's probably gonna do is find someone to take his place. They'd be losing out on a lot of money if they were to just give up on the sims just because Grant isn't apart of the picture. It's just like when that other guy (who's name has eluded me right now) who left the sims' team. EA just shook it off and continued with the sims production. The sims is gonna end up like Final Fantasy (as stated by Jamesmc93) and be a never ending series.

it's not the end of the world, you guys.

*sighs and passes out*


  1. if the sims didnt end when the creator left, i doubts its ending now.

    people just like a good 'end of the world' end of the year freak out lol

  2. true. lol
    they're probably gonna find someone to replace Grant. just because one person leaves doesn't mean the series is over