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Thursday, August 5, 2010

My class schedule

Ok so I had to go register for school (I'm an effin senior, yo! :D) and so far, two of my classes need changing (bad).

First semester:
Human Physiology (Human Anatomy)
Emergency & Disaster Prep (nursing class)
Algebra 2

Second semester:
Algebra 3
British Lit/Comp
Intro. to Interior Design

I freakin' hate Algebra(I don't even need to take it) and I'm gonna try to get out of it as soon as possible. Other than the the two sucky math classes I love my schedule. I might replace my two math classes with Child Developement and Art. I love kids (and want kids of my own someday) and I like to draw (even though I totally suck XD).I start school Monday (booooo!!!) so I probably won't be lurking on the forums as much now. I'll have to be taking my SATs, ACTs, applying for scholarships, checking out different colleges, and I'll be loaded down with homework. :(

*and a little side note I thought I'd add this picture of me and my boyfriend. He's leaving for basic training tomorrow.I'm gonna miss him so much :(
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Te Amo Matt. Tu eres mi corazon <3


  1. Good luck with the school year. Blah... I don't want to even think about school. You guys start so early. We don't start until after Labor Day, even in college. Your classes sound interesting though. We'll miss you on the forums!

  2. awww :( and algebra two wasn't that bad, but boring. I never heard of algebra 3, we have pre calc after algebra 2 so it's probably like that.

    but good luck in school! I still have like a month, but like 2 months worth of summer assignments left. my bad xD.

  3. to me, geometry was way harder than algebra! I barely passed geometry! luckily i do not have to take math this year!

    i will be a senior as well!

    PS: No fair! I have not gotten my schedule yet!

  4. Yeah, Geometry was hard too! Math just isn't my subject. I'm a science nerd. XD

  5. You start tomorrow!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

    I don't go back to school until the 30th *hehehe*

  6. Unfortunately, yes. :(
    I'm gonna have to give up simming and lurking on the forums

  7. wait a minute! you start tomorrow!

    well i have to wait until august 23rd to start school!

  8. I have my schedule. It's decent but the guidance department at my school always finds a way to f*** it up before school actually starts though.

    I'm kinda excited to go back... I'm ready to start my senior year 8D