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Monday, August 9, 2010

Go ahead and put me in an insane asylum! >.< * headesk*

Omg, today was my first day of school and I'm already ready to go insane. I've got no one to talk to in my classes (everyone is either stuck up, hermits, or borderline suicidal), no one's got lunch with me, and my teachers are complete nut cases!(that's nothing new) It's gonna be extra difficult to make it through this month because the one person I love,I can't even talk to (curse you army!taking my husband away from me!!!:( XD).To make things even worse, I don't get home until almost 4:00 when last year I got home before 3.I'm stressed out already.1 day down and 179 school days to go.Don't be suprised if you see my username pop up on one of the forum topics.I'm gonna need to talk to my fellow weirdos on the forums.(I'm sorry I forgot your name Jake. You gotta keep my weirdness alive too :D) Dear God, this is gonna be one hell of a school year.

*cackles deliriously*


  1. can you get a schedule change?

    and I will make the forums more wierder! I will be more wierder than I will ever be!

  2. I'm working on getting my schedule changed now. I'm emailing my counselor.

    Your mission (if you choose to accept it) is to help my fellow weirdos keep the epic weirdness alive. this tape will now self destruct

    *small explosion*

  3. Aw :[ I had a bad year like that but I got through it. Even though it is school, it's important to talk with your friends and have a little bit of fun or you will really go crazy. Take care, and don't stress yourself too much, trust me!

  4. Thankies :D I'll try my hardest not to go crazy

  5. Aww i'm sorry Lisa! I HATE when they give me the worst lunch shift while everyone else has the same 1!

    I'm actually looking forward to going back. Hope it's not terrible :(

    Anyway, hopefully you can survive :P

  6. awww, hopefully you will make new friends. I never have any of my friends in my classes either, my friends aren't smart enough xD jk. Luckily i still have a month left before I go back to the nonsense they call school and then i will be at school from 7 to 5 30 :/

    have fun and learn a lot!! and don't party too much xD hopefully things will get better in the days to come

  7. thankies rayy! :D
    God 5:30?!?!? i couldn't handle being in school that long. that's most of the day :/