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Monday, July 26, 2010

So much for best friends... >:[

I'm not one that's quick to get on a blog and just tell all my business, but this is truly pissing me off. Ok, me and my boyfriend (well, he's still my ex right now) have started back talking to each other and hanging out again. He's truly a prince charming! He never cheats, lies, or does anything to hurt me.But it's like two of my closest "best friends" completely hate him (yet, they don't even know him). For the past week, it's like they've been trying to find reasons for me to completely stop talking to him. We broke up because we're both going through problems right now, and he's leaving for basic training next week, so we pretty much don't have that much time to be together right now. I've had a crush on my ex for over 2 years, you'd figure my "friends" would be supportive about the us trying to get back together. If you guys could see us together you'd automatically say that we're in love. Believe it or not, he's went as far as proposing to me! I'm sick of people trying to voice their unnecessary opinions about my life or what goes on in my relationship. I'm sorry guys, but I had to get this off of my chest. I'm really pissed off about this. I'm at the point where I don't even want a "best friend" anymore....

*takes deep breath and screams*


  1. Hey, this is plh in case you're wondering. I'm not some random lol. But I'm really sorry for what's going on :[ Everything will get better, it just seems like everything sucks right now. It's hard keeping relationships like friends and partners separate. A lot of times your friends just want to help you, and truly think you are better off without that person. But if you know that he is right for you, and he treats you good, then everyone else has to respect that. You don't have to choose between your friends and your boyfriend. A good friend (or bf/gf) wouldn't make you, they would both respect your choices. That's all I can say. Good luck :)

  2. Hello Lisa, I must also say that i've been through a lot of relationship problems in my life time. I'm not really got with advice, but I just think if it feels right let is be and if it doesn't, reevaluate it and make the best decision for yourself, regardless of how people feel.

  3. thankies guys. i'm feeling A LOT better now :D