How many people love LisaBoo ;)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

*heavy sigh* Hang in there with me guys...

Everythings gone from bad to worse in a matter of 2 weeks.My boyfriend's being antisocial && not talking to me :( , mi familia is going through turmoil, && I'm not even feeling like my random, weird, bubbly self anymore. My life's turned to Hell on Earth.I'm crying my eyes out everyday.That's why I haven't been updating my blog regularly.I'm trying to get my thoughts together.Hopefully I'll be back to giving updates regularly.Just hang in there. Lisa will be back to being the weirdo soon enough...

*drops mic and walks offstage*


  1. I hope everything goes ok for you. *glomps* :)

  2. awww, I hope everything turns out ok. I like your random, weird, bubbly self. Sorry about everythin that is happening :(

  3. aw that sucks. i have been there, so i can totaly relate. virtual hugs