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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Uh oh! :O

I'm weird, ok? I like to share odd personal experiences with people (so don't complain/get mad/criticize)

So I've been recovering from post-breakup depression and I decided to stick to my usual routine of going skating on Saturdays. I get there (my ex is nowhere to be found) but his crew members (yes, he has a skate crew and their so close they're like brothers)are running up to me saying hi and whatnot. "What happened with you & ____ ?" is the million dollar question of the night. It was very interesting because I ran into a boy I had a crush on my freshman year (I had butterflies all over again) but he didn't remember me (and he had a girlfriend) :( But isn't it horrible when your closest friends try to get with the person you're going out with or just broken up with? The whole time I was with my ex, his crew members tried to flirt with me and stuff, and now they're doing x100 since I'm back on the market.

Gosh...let me breathe! *inhales deeply & starts dancing like an idiot*


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  1. lol aww girl I feel you. Well, sorry about the breakup, but I'm 150% sure you'll find someone better. It's always the case, I promise!
    take care! <3